Tuesdays 07:00 - 08:00

Open Mat

Seniors & Junior 2nd Kyu's

Sensei Joe & Greg

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Thursdays 18:15 - 19:45

Mixed Class

Sensei Joe

Sundays 18:00 - 19:30

Mixed Class

Sensei Greg

LJD Studio
Beckery Old Road, Glastonbury,
Somerset, BA6 9FW

Behind Premier Inn, past BocaBar, above Crossfit Sweet Track Gym



2 weeks FREE classes for new students

£5 SAK voucher for existing students who bring a friend


Pick the monthly payment plan that's right for you!

JUNIORS (8-14)

4 sessions or 8+ sessions a month

£28 or £42 a month


4 sessions or 8+ sessions a month

£35 or £56 a month


4 sessions or 8+ sessions a month

£56 or £84 a month


4 sessions or 8+ sessions a month

£77 or £105 a month


4 sessions or 8+ sessions a month

£91 or £119 a month


4 sessions or 8+ sessions a month

£98 or £126 a month

  • Bank details provided on request

  • Payment is set up as a standing order to be sent on 1st of every month

  • Enquire for alternative payment options

  • Advance notice of extended leave may lead to a refund

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Last updated - 18th January 2022



Welcome to Somerset Applied Karate.
If you have already attended your free taster classes and would like to become a member then these are the steps you need to take next; to train in martial arts a student must hold a valid license. A license provides you with insurance and affiliates your grade (belt) to a legitimate association and governing body.
An association is a collection of clubs of which all instructors and students report to and are fed information from. A governing body are the board that the association reports to, they are the brains behind the whole operation - the governing body monitors legalities, develops and progresses the association and its clubs whilst adhering to the integrity of traditional and modern martial art practices.
​Below you will find a License application form, simply click and print the PDF file, complete and hand in to the instructor at the next class. Instructors will treat this form as confidential and all personal information will be kept safe.
The student's name, address and grade held will be sent to the association and processed for an annual license. Junior licenses (8-14 years) are £18 and senior licenses (15 years+) are £21. You will also find a welcome back, this contains information about the club, rules, grade structure and helpful terminology, have a read at your leisure.
Once again, thank you for choosing to become a member of Somerset Applied Karate.



£18 - Aged 8-14

£21 - Aged 15+



  • Beginners are advised to wear loose and comfortable clothing appropriate for exercise and stretching.​

  • Training is expected to be regular for all students to be invited to grade for their next belt, attendance will be monitored.​

  • In the dojo we are all equal. We all wear the same uniform. There is no divide of social status, professional position or sexual orientation in the dojo.​

  • Training outside of classes is encouraged to perfect technique, increase muscle memory and improve body conditioning.​

  • Parents of young students are more than welcome to watch or take part during classes.​

  • Parent/guardians must accompany their children into the Dojo at the start and collect them at the end of the class. No children will be allowed to leave the Dojo unaccompanied for safety reasons.



  • Uniforms must be clean and ironed.​

  • Belts must be tied correctly and presentable.​

  • All jewellery must be removed, covered or taped over.​

  • Finger nails and toe nails must be kept short and clean.​

  • Long hair must be tied back.​

  • Basic personal hygiene must be maintained.​

  • Misbehaviour, bullying and abuse will not be tolerated.​

  • Foot conditions must be treated by coverage or wearing lightweight, thin-soled trainers.​

  • Classes start on time. and students must arrive 10 minutes before the start of the class.​

  • Only water or squash are allowed in the dojo - no juice, fizzy or energy drinks.​

  • Instructors must be referred to as 'Sensei'.

  • No swearing or offensive language in the dojo.​

  • Always bow at the dojo door.​

  • During the class students must ask if they need to be excused so Sensei knows where you are.​

  • If you arrive late, or leave the Dojo during class, upon your return kneel somewhere where you can be seen and wait for Sensei to invite you back into the class. ​

  • 100% concentration and effort is expected in every session.

Karate is not to be used outside the dojo unless students are protecting themselves or others from physical harm. Any misuse of Karate may lead to an immediate dismissal from the club.