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The BCKA was formed in 2011, a spin off from the British Combat Association (BCA) to provide a ‘home’ for those Instructors and Clubs that are still involved in mainstream Karate. 


The founders of the BCA, Peter Consterdine and Geoff Thompson are at heart Karateka and never lost their appreciation of the great foundation Karate gave them, and on which they built their own unique combat systems. 

The BCKA mirrors the key principles upon which the BCA has been very succesfully built - no politics, a great administration service, immediate help and support, an understanding of the need for change and growth and, above all else, a network of friendly, like minded people for whom Karate has been life enhancing.

After 23 highly successful years of service to the self defence and mixed martial arts community through the British Combat Association (BCA), Peter Consterdine 9th Dan and Geoff Thompson 8th Dan, in 2011 launched a new Association to cater specifically for the interests of the UK Karateka – the British Combat Karate Association (BCKA), which provides a ‘home’ for the traditional (all styles), freestyle, sports and the more ‘combat’ (jutsu) oriented club or group.

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