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Somerset Applied Karate is a martial arts organisation based in the Mendip District of Somerset, UK, teaching a branch of Karate commonly known as ‘Applied Karate’, often referred to as ‘Practical Karate’, ‘Modern Karate’ or ‘Progressive Karate’. Applied Karate focuses on the practise of hand-to-hand combat such as pad work, sparring and self-defence drills suitable for all ages and abilities and our mixed classes are perfect for families


Opened in 2017 by Sensei Joe Andrews, Somerset Applied Karate is all about moving Karate into the future and providing a rounded curriculum to for all to learn how to defend themselves and gain crucial life skills like confidence and coordination. Self-defence is a right and we believe it is important to cover subjects like fight prevention, de-escalation and sufficient fight tactics to shorten and end conflict using reasonable and necessary force, all whilst developing the important life skills you only get from martial arts.


Somerset Applied Karate believes there is much knowledge to acquire in and out of Karate and students are encouraged to get out there and train with as many respectable instructors as possible to broaden their understanding of martial arts. The syllabus is a reflection of the knowledge of the instructors. The more the instructors learn, the greater the syllabus becomes and ultimately benefits the students in the long run.


Sensei Greg Lynham joined Somerset Applied Karate in 2019 as a fellow experienced instructor and it wasn’t long until the two instructors realised they had the same ideas and ambitions to push Karate into the future, coincidently being part of the same association was a great start to this collaboration. The ethos of Somerset Applied Karate and the focal drive of both instructors is to put Karate back to the forefront of practical and artistic merit in the martial arts world and make people understand that Karate is far more than just kicking and punching…

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