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Somerset Applied Karate is a group of Karate clubs in the Mendip District of Somerset. Karate is a martial art from Okinawa, Japan in the late 19th century which derives from its original form of Karate as do many styles. These styles differ in focus, emphasis and origin but all are based around being a striking and grappling style of fighting and self-defence.

Applied Karate, or modern or progressive Karate, is one of two recognisable practises of Karate, the other is commonly referred to as 'traditional' or '3K' Karate. The difference is based on their primary objectives - a martial art focused on discipline and precision, or a self-defence system which looks at the realistic application of techniques, skills and principles?  We say "why not both?!"

Somerset Applied Karate will teach you how to train solo, to perform a 'Kata' with precision and finesse, how to apply techniques to bags and focus pads, how to use self-defence and self-protection tactics on compliant and non-compliant partners, how to spar or fight in a controlled environment using a multitude of tactics and, most of all, how to learn vital life skills such as coordination, discipline, self-control, basic self-protection, stamina, endurance and make new friends.  Join Somerset Applied Karate today.